President of The Litore Agency: Jade Latson

Name: Jade Latson

Major: Public Relations

Minor: Diplomacy

Hometown: Prairie Village, KS

Graduation Year: 2017

Jade Latson, a senior student and President of The Litore Agency, spoke about her leadership role within the Agency and its year of transformation.

Her Campus (HC): What type of things are you involved in on campus and what else do you do with your time?

Jade Latson (JL): Let me tell you - balancing school, a job, an internship, and a leadership role on campus my senior year has really taught me the meaning of time management! Currently, the Litore Agency is my main focus.  But, I am also an active member of The Black Student Union and Public Relations Student Society of America.  Both allow me to entertain my interests, while helping me develop myself personally and professionally.  I think it’s really important to be as involved as possible.  It’s a great way to build your student network and make great friends.

HC: What is the Litore Agency and what is your role within it?

JL: The Litore Agency is Seton Hall University’s student-run communications firm.  What was once known as “Pirate PR” is going through a rebranding year!  Although The Litore Agency continues to offer hands-on tactical experience to students; there are new changes we are hoping to implement.  PR students won’t just be working with PR students after graduating and finding jobs.  This is why The LItore Agency hopes to become the School of Communication and the Arts’ student agency as a whole.  One that embraces all majors under the college’s umbrella (i.e. Graphic Design, Broadcasting, Visual and Social Media, etc.).

HC: What types of clients is The Litore Agency currently working with?

JL: We are working with clients ranging from a senior citizen’s organization, South Orange Seniors, to a fashion store, CMB Kicks.  I think our wide array of clients speaks to the importance of the agency.  We give students the opportunity to figure out what sector of communication most interests them.

HC: What’s your favorite thing about The Litore Agency and why do you participate in it?

JL: I have a couple favorite things about The Litore Agency.  One aspect is working with a great faculty advisor, Dr. Kristen Koehler, and PRSSA president, Angelica Deleon.  They are a great team!  Second, is seeing the work of students develop over time.  Finally, is the fact that the agency is transforming into something entirely new.  Knowing that one day students will be able to benefit from the agency through various programs and initiatives is so exciting!

HC: How can someone get involved with The Litore Agency?

JL: Getting involved with The Litore Agency is very simple! Interested students can email me at [email protected] for more information.  Also, The Litore Agency is closely tied to Seton Hall’s PRSSA chapter and both clubs only meet once a month, so if anyone is interested in learning more about public relations and communications in general, both PRSSA and The Litore Agency are great resources!

Latson wanted to add that, “The Litore Agency is a “safe space” to learn. Our goal is to help students establish confidence in their abilities and believe in what they can deliver to a client as a communications practitioner.”