Powderpuff: A Fight For A Cause

This Saturday, various Greek organizations at Seton Hall University competed against one another for a great cause at the annual powderpuff tournament.  Proceeds from the event went towards funding a trip to Camp Nejeda for children with type one diabetes. Nejada is a special sleep away camp that caters towards the needs of children suffering from juvenile diabetes. It is a place where the children can truly express themselves. Camp Nejeda is an inclusive and understanding safe place where you can have fun and feel at home.

A month before game day, sororities are paired with a fraternity brother, who coaches them in the hopes of victory. Powderpuff is not an event to be taken lightly. Teams meet for practices to configure plays and strategies. Stepping onto the dewy field, one could feel the tension that had built up to this moment. Fouls were called, flags were thrown, and ultimately a victor was crowned. Members of various organizations gathered around the green, and cheered on their team battling on the field. Even though the competition was intense, the day was filled with Greek Unity, which reinforced the great cause they were playing for.