Poosh: Kourtney K's New Project

As if the Kardashians don’t already have enough going on, Kourtney K has just launched her new project she calls Poosh.

Poosh is a lifestyle website that focuses on the way that Kourt has approached life as celebrity mother. Kourt was inspired by her fans to start Poosh, because of all of the questions she gets asked on beauty, food, fashion and diet.

Kourt told Women’s Wear Daily, “The modern woman, in my opinion, is somebody who cares about the planet, cares about what we’re putting in our bodies from the inside out, and just doing our best without feeling judged for not being perfect.” 

This was another huge motive for the latest addition to her brand. Poosh has it all, from Kourt’s own healthy recipes, shopping list, wine suggestions, and tips from the boss lady Kris Jenner. Poosh is a fresh introduction to the world of positive healthy living, through the voice of Kourtney K. Kourt is known for her organic lifestyle and passion for clean eating and safe beauty.