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When college kids hear “Spring Break” they think of a trip with their friends to an all-inclusive party resort somewhere tropical and warm. Many people go on spring break and blow their liver on a seven-day bender. Not Samantha Chavez.

Chavez, junior, is a marketing major in the Stillman School of Business. This spring break, she decided to skip the cliché college trip, and educate herself, while also discovering new places, foods, and cultures. This semester she enrolled in “Doing Business in India”, a class that would allow her to travel to the country and visit amazing sites, all while meeting with companies based in India.

“India welcomed me with open arms and taught me about a culture I was not familiar with,” she continued, “through its many sites, people, and food I learned that even though I came from a very different nation, I held vast similarities with the people of the country.”

She noted that, some of the food was so spicy, even her water was of no relief.

Chavez is a world traveler. Last year she studied abroad in Innsbruck, Austira. From there, she country hopped to Morocco, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, and many others.

“I have officially been to over 16 countries, and I can’t wait to see what country I explore next.”

Her mother is a certified archeologist, although she has never put it into practice, she instilled her love for the world and appreciation for differing cultures.

Chavez says that travelling pushes her out of her comfort zone, which creates an experience that forces her to learn the most.

Kelly Carr

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My name is Kelly Carr and I am currently studying at Seton Hall University. I am a public relations major/ film minor.
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