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A New Mindset

Each new year, we begin our January with the idea of “new year, new me!!!” We promise ourselves to eat better, do better in school, and balance our social life… While having goals and our own personal “to-do” list is great motivation, the idea of going into a new year as a changed person is just not reality.

Instead of trying to fully change yourself, one has to go into each day with the positivity and motivation to be the best they can be.. This motivation needs to stay and….longer than just one week.

We have put together some tips to help you become the person you want to be…and not just for one year.

1. Workout Because You Want To

Do not wake up and say, “Ugh… I have to go to the gym now” and do not force yourself to go to the gym because “SPRING BREAK IS COMING AND I NEED TO LOOK GOOD!!!” Like, we totally get it. Trust me. BUT…do it because it clears your mind and it gives you a break from studying or class. Workout everyday until it becomes part of your daily schedule and (try) to enjoy every single minute of it!


Get out your planner every Sunday night. Look through emails, syllabi, important Blackboard notifications, social events, etc… Make sure every event you plan on attending is in your planner and you are ready for the week. Nothing is worse than feeling overwhelmed and missing events!


Do NOT skip breakfast because you, “want to sleep in.” Keep oatmeal, fruits, or granola bars in your room! If you don’t have time to go to the Caf before or in-between classes, eat those! The worst feeling in the world is when you have no energy… It makes classes 10x harder and it makes the motivation to even GO to class harder. Find food in the Caf that you enjoy: do not use the excuse that “our Caf is gross…” I promise you. There is good food if you put in the slightest bit of effort!!! (Make a grilled chicken salad, chicken caesar wraps, sandwiches, steamed vegetables…etc)

4. CUT the all-nighters!!!

STOP STAYING UP BECAUSE NETFLIX RELEASED A NEW MOVIE. I promise,you will regret it in the morning. Get sleep and make sure all of your work is done. Waking up and feeling organized and de-stressed is one of the best feelings!

5. Dressing well is a FORM OF GOOD MANNERS

Try not to show up to class in sweats. Wear nice pants or jeans, booties, and a nice top/sweater. You will feel 10x more confident on campus and 10x more awake in class. It also looks good on your part for your professors….(the people that COULD BE GIVING YOU RECOMMENDATION LETTERS FOR JOBS AT SOME POINT!!!)


Forget that one boy that brought you down every single day for a year. Forget that friend group that decided you weren’t going to live with them next year. Do EVERYTHING you do with the intention of making yourself happy. Everything will fall into place and you will be much more content with yourself!



Hello all, my name is Courtney Jenney and I am one of the writers for the Seton Hall Her Campus. I am a Journalism and Public Relations major studying as a full time student at Seton Hall University. I consider myself a lover of all things beautiful; fashion, well-being, beauty, health, art, travel, and music. I was born and raised on Cape Cod in Massachusetts; home to beautiful beach views and royal history. My home is an hour south of Boston; which is why I have a love for all of the New England/Boston sports teams. As passionate for writing as I am, I am striving to entertain others with my writing and provide lively topics for other students around campus! Cheers to the future! XO
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