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My Trip To Ireland

A trip of any magnitude is exciting. New sights, new smells, new faces, and how can we forget a couple of bomb instagrams. Something about holding a boarding pass in your hand is exhilarating, even though airport security is silently laughing to themselves about how much of a dork you look like in your passport photo. This August I was lucky enough to travel around Ireland for 9 days, and I have a few spots that you’ve got to hit if you’re in town!


1. Cliffs of Moher- The Irish are very proud of these beauties, everyone in town will insist you stop by. They’re simply breathtaking. Located on the western coast of the country, visitors are permitted to walk freely along the edge that has no guardrail whatsoever. These steep cliffs allow for a stellar view of Ireland’s coastline, and the vast Atlantic ocean. If you get close enough to the edge, you can see the waves crash against the rocks below.


2. Tea- Always grab a cup of tea when you have the chance. It helps the jet lag, and I think it’s actually impossible to get a bad cup of tea in Ireland. The milk is so rich, and the tea leaves are so flavorful it makes for the perfect combination. 

3. Inch Beach, County Kerry- Excellent waves for surfing if you’re into it, and even on a cloudy Irish Summer day this place is poppin. The water is warm, and on your left you can see mountains, and on your right you can see the pretty green hills filled with sheep that Ireland is so well known for. Safe to say Inch Beach is my new happy place.

4. Pet a sheep- There are little white sheep hanging out literally everywhere. You can’t miss them. They’re friendly and they especially like you if you have food on you. I encourage you to go and pet one. It’s the only picture I show people when I say I went to Ireland.

5.Quay street, Galway- Galway is a tiny Irish city with tons of spots to hit. Quay street is a pedestrian street, so there are no cars. Quay street is pronounced KEY, and is loaded with cute boutiques and department stores, awesome gelato, and tons of bars with live music every night. There are tons of things to do, and a lot of young people because theres a University near by. Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran was stuck in my head literally all day. You can hear where he gets the inspiration for a song, it’s such a chill place.

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