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A Letter to PNMS

Recruitment weekend is upon us. Both PNMs and sorority girls alike are nervous. Rushing is probably the most amazing and devastating time for those thinking about joining a sorority. However, by the end of the weekend you could potentially find your home and your forever friends. Maybe you won’t end up in the sorority that you had in mind before hand, or the one that your friends are in. But I swear you’ll find the sorority that matches your values, and allows you to feel comfortable to be yourself.

A year ago, I was in your shoes and I found some of the best women I could spend the rest of my college career and beyond with. I have so many memories with them and I can’t wait to make even more. I was able to find one of my best friends, who also happens to be my roommate, from this organization. My life would be duller without her in it. I am so happy that I found people who I can volunteer with to support other women and help hospitalized children, or just sisters that I can grab lunch with on any given day.

Greek Life brought me the people I can buy pizza with at 2 a.m., women I can spend 6 hours in the library with and not want to rip my hair out, and friends that I love wholeheartedly. Being a part of an organization, you’re able to experience something bigger than yourself and I think that’s one of the best parts of joining a sorority. I hope you find your best friends, your roommate, your dance partner, your study buddy, and your home.

Hi! My name is Kiah Conway and I'm a double major in Journalism and Creative Writing here at Seton Hall. I am one of the Campus Correspondents for Her Campus, as well as a Chapter Advisor for some HC Chapters. If it wasn't already obvious, I am really passionate about writing. I'm also a serious Netflix addict and book lover. In between binge watching Marvel movies and doing homework, I spend my time hardcore Pinteresting and writing short stories.
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