How To Get The Most Out Of is a website where information regarding professors or your school can be found. To look up a professor, you simply type their full name in the search bar and make sure they are linked to the appropriate college. The ratings come from students who previously took a course with that professor. However, a lot of times the only students that write reviews are the ones that had a not-so-good experience. So here are some tips that will help pinpoint the best information to obtain from rate my professor!

  1. 1. Make sure to not trust everything you see

    A lot of the reviews are negative, some things that are said may not be reliable. Just remember this and keep an eye out for comments that discuss the method of teaching, instead of the reviews that roast the professor.

  2. 2. Don’t be scared away by the numerical rating

    Remember that the people that tend to rate the most are the ones likely to rate a very low number. Instead of just turning your head the other way, you should read the comments and extract the useful information.

  3. 3. Here's an example:

    “THE worst professor I have ever encountered. Failed to provide clear examples in class, all of which verbatim from book. If you didn't understand something on HW, look elsewhere for help. Lecture is terribly vague. The examples he did provide only showed the class that HE knew how to do it. Didn't teach us how to. Astonishingly arrogant man.”

    What to extract from this review:

    He does not provide the most effective examples and it is helpful to look for chemistry help outside of class, at a tutoring center for.

    What not to extract from this review:

    The person writing this was most likely biased, so the statement that he is “astoundingly arrogant” may not be 100% true. Also, saying he is the “worst professor ever” is not the most reliable piece of information on this website.

In order to utilize Rate My Professor to the best of it’s ability, you must pay attention to all the information and be able to understand that not every review is 100% accurate.

Best of luck with registration!