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A Gummy Bear Kind of Gal

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Seton Hall chapter.

 “Oh em gee…CRAMPS! I need chocolate right away!” Says the typical girl during the midst of her period. In this day and age, chocolate is used more and more as a medicine; the decadent treat can apparently cure anything from period cramps to a broken heart.  Yes, this treat might be able to cheer someone up on a rainy day, or even help you get back a long pined-after ex-boyfriend, but let’s get one thing straight, not everyone cherishes the taste of chocolate. In fact, I hate chocolate.


              Yes, I said it. This is my confession everyone! I’m coming out as a chocolate hater. I understand, some of you might resent me for this. And for my ex-boyfriends, I’m sorry I did not tell you sooner, really I am. I expect to lose friends, I expect weird looks as I pass, but I need to be honest.  The taste of chocolate just doesn’t do it for me. Never has, never will.  I will admit, I do feel “out of the loop” at times when everyone is discussing their love for chocolate and I’m in the background trying to get someone to talk to me about gummy bears.


              Why do I hate chocolate, you ask? Maybe because of that thick, sticky, sour sensation that it leaves in your mouth as you eat it. Yeah, it might be overwhelmingly sweet at first, but the aftertaste is not worth it, in my opinion.  Not to mention the horrible thirst you get after eating it. Every time you eat a bar of chocolate, you have to have at least a gallon of water on the side, or your mouth is dry and sour for the next hour.  And another thing; DO YOU SUCK OR CHEW? It’s not like a lollipop where it’s known that you have to suck on it, but if you chew on chocolate, the texture is unbearably terrible. I could go on and on and on, but I don’t want to put the chocolate companies out of business (my bad, Hershey).


              In conclusion, on this “National Chocolate Day”, do yourself a favor and eat a gummy bear

Hey there party people! My name is Sam and I am a double major in Art History and Journalism. Odd mix? Well I am an odd person ;). I have many, many passions in life; some of which include sweet corn, Vincent van Gogh, sugar, my relationship (corny whatever), the stage, writing, squatting, party pants, and The Office. If you put something in front of me, I'll probably be passionate about it. Well, that's me! Yay! Wahoo! Yee haw!