The Green is Poppin’

It’s green season, baby! This past week the green at Seton Hall has been full of students. Whether they were reading a book, playing frisbee or catch, or just soaking up the sun, the green has been the hottest place on campus. So, to ensure your green experience is the best here are some things you have got to have!

  1. 1. Beach blanket

    You don’t want to get your pants dirty and you need something comfy to sit on! So…a blanket is the perfect option that is easy to carry and fits all your friends!

  2. 2. Snacks

    If you are hanging on the green, you will want to be there for a while, so pack some yummy snacks so you can have a cute little picnic with all your friends while getting some rays!

  3. 3. Your best pair of sunglasses

    Not only will you look cute, but you will be protecting your eyes!

  4. 4. Bluetooth speaker

    Nothing better than jamming out while having fun in the sun! There are lots of awesome summer playlists on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

  5. 5. Something to do!

    A soccer ball, some homework, a frisbee, a sketch book, a guitar, or anything your heart desires!

Now that you know all the essentials for hanging on the green, go out there and appreciate this awesome weather!