Genuinely Unproblematic and Interesting YouTubers You Should Subscribe To

Boy was this list hard to make.

1. Jenna Marbles

Jenna has to be one of my all-time favorite YouTubers. She’s completely disavowed herself from creating content for anyone other than herself. However, she still has a massive following because it’s that disillusionment from the all the challenges and tags that makes Jenna so hilarious. She also comes off as a genuinely kind human being- how else could you explain her publishing an hour long video apologizing for her fish dying? Her content is also genuinely funny. I didn’t know I wanted to watch a 20 minute video of a 32 year old woman making herself a giant toothbrush costume. Now I do.

2. SimplyNailogical

Cristine is anything but simple. She creates genuinely funny content (tragically not so much nail art anymore) in her day to day vlogs with her self-deprecating humor and her unhealthy obsession with nail polish, tea, and various holographic things. Though she’s broken away from her nail art, her channel is a hilarious compilation of her being generally confused as to why people keep making terribly designed machines to paint your nails when you can just do them yourself? She also has 2 cats, Menchie and Zyler, who make regular appearances in home vlogs and are 10/10.

3. Glam&Gore

Mykie has a heart of gold and truly embodies what Youtube has the capacity to be: a platform to reach out and teach the world about your niche. Mykie is a practical effects/SFX artist who also does “glam” or regular makeup. Some of the projects that Mykie creates are rather intensely gory, so her channel might not be for you if you’re squeamish. If you can stomach it, though, Mykie’s makeup is mesmerizingly beautiful (or terrifyingly accurate, depending on the day).

4. Liza Koshy

You probably know Liza from her days on Vine, or maybe from her place in her ex-boyfriend, David Dobrik’s vlogs. Liza’s content is consistently funny, creative, and funny. She has an incredible ability to embody these extremely individualistic characters. She also makes an absurb amount of puns, almost always on command and in a grocery store. Liza has been on a break for some time now for mental health reasons, but she has a host of older content that needs exploring. 

5. Safiya Nygaard

You might know Saf from her days at Buzzfeed Media, or maybe you just wandered into the weird part of Youtube where people just unbox things all day. Safiya’s channel is home to the line above the weird part of Youtube. However, her videos are genuinely unproblematic and mostly fun to watch. There’s something to be said about someone so dedicated to their work they’re willing to buy a $280 mega scarf and melt every lipstick color in a Sephora into a pot for their fanbase. Or for herself. Plus, she just got engaged, help a girl out with those wedding deposits!