Galentine's Day: What's the Point?

I’m going to be blunt about this: Galentine’s Day is stupid. What does this day even celebrate, that you love your friends? Hate to put a damper on your mood, but isn’t that kind of just an everyday occurrence? You can argue all you want that this day is just as important, but, seriously, you just seem bitter that you’re single.

Now before you get all huffy and puffy because you just had a nice wine night with your gals, I understand that being single sucks in February. I am a part of the single population, and wish I had someone to cuddle with, bring me flowers, tell me they love me, etc. But, Valentine’s Day is special because it means you finally found someone you want to flaunt to others. Meanwhile, I see your “going out” and “my friends are so hot” snapchats every weekend.

If I were in a relationship I would be pumped about Valentine’s Day, especially if you are in love. It’s the one day where you can unapologetically harass people with how much you appreciate your significant other. Besides being single isn’t all that sucky, people!

Next year, ditch the Galentine’s Day and do something actually fun with your single friends. Try something new! Take a pole dancing class, go on a hike, take a trip somewhere, or literally anything other than passive-aggressively letting social media know that you don’t care about other people’s relationship. NEWS FLASH –they don’t care about your non-existent one!