Exhale: the Premiere Pro-Voice Hotline and Resource Center

Trigger warning!

According to their mission, exhale "has offered nonjudgmental, supportive counseling to individuals with abortion experiences and their partners, friends, and allies." In a political battlefield, this topic is at the front lines and often has an inherent leaning depending on the person one is speaking with at the time. Exhale aims to be the voice of reason on the front lines.

Exhale is a counseling center for those whose lives have been affected in some way or another by an abortion. Whether that person be a person with a uterus who has recently had an abortion, a family member of someone who experienced the procedure, or someone who is in the process of deciding to go through with the procedure.

Exhale counselors are trained to remove the aggressively political nature of this invasive, emotional procedure and are simply there to be a voice of support through frenzied cries of religious obligation, insensitive lawmakers, and medical necessity. Exhale counselors offer support before or after the procedure takes place and are trained to be fluid in their counseling- a refreshing taste of sensitivity amidst the political battlefield for many people who are struggling with the aftereffects of the taboo. It can be hard to ask for help when you’re afraid of being criticized for your decision. Exhale aims to remove the stigma from their counselors and simply be there to support anyone who has any questions- directing them to the services they require, whether they be religious, medical, legal, or practical in nature.

You can donate to their cause here.