Earth Day

For those of you that don’t know… Earth Day is this week! So get excited for the world to come together and help protect our environment. This is the one holiday everyone should find incentive to celebrate in some way or another. Why would you not want to keep our home sustainable?

 This special day originated in America in the 70s. The first Earth day organized 200 million people across the globe to start action on environmental issues. Today, more that a billion people coming from 192 different countries are projected to take part in Earth Day, according to Earth Day Network, the nonprofit that organizes the event on the world stage.

Every year there is a different theme that focuses on varying aspects of helping the Earth. This year, Earth Day Network has made the focus to end plastic pollution by spreading the word of what everyone can do to help. Plastic is made to last FOREVER. Which means it can never biodegrade, making it permanently harmful to our world.

If you are looking to take part in this movement (which you 100% should), there are a few simple habits you can incorporate.

  1. Whenever you can avoid purchasing plastic, do it! Do you really need that case of plastic water bottles? Nope, buy a reusable bottle!
  2. Be sure to pick up trash whenever you see it and properly dispose of it.
  3. Look to get involved in legislation and regulation. Use your voice to support the movement in reducing and recycling plastics.