Circle of Sisterhood Organization

Circle of Sisterhood is an organization that emphasizes the empowerment of women. It includes all sorority and fraternity organizations. Circle of Sisterhood recognizes that several global issue are linked to a lack of education. The cause of the Circle of Sisterhood hopes to help literacy rates for women around the world, along with help them towards a higher education to diminish poverty, oppression, misogyny, and brutality.

Circle of Sisterhood is linked with sorority women because the founder, Ginny Carroll was a part of one herself. When the daily violence and oppression of women in poorer countries was brought to her attention through a 2009 interview aired on Oprah with Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn (authors of Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Around The World) she knew that to make a change she needed more than just herself. Sororities were originally founded to help women in America overcome adversity in receiving higher education. It seems only appropriate for sorority women who empower each other, to help women around the world. Groups of empowering women, of all diverse backgrounds have banned together since 2010 to help women and girls in 24 different countries.

If you are interested in the movement to help women around the world you can check to see if sororities on your campus are already involved or check out the resources on their website!