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Capitol Couture: Dazzling Hunger Games Polishes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Seton Hall chapter.

Here’s the lowdown on China Glaze Nail Polish’s collection dedicated to the 12 districts of Panem in The Hunger Games. We’re absolutely in love with all of them, we couldn’t choose just one! What’s your favorite? Our Campus Correspondent loves the matte black of District 2. Full palette preview is courtesy of China Glaze. See the palette below!

Agro (District 11- Agriculture): an olive green base with flecks of metallic gold shimmer throughout.  In some light this polish looks deep green, and in other a strong gold. 
Dress Me Up (District 8- Textiles): a beautiful muted dusty-rose color that lacks shimmer making it perfect for everyday wear.  When I think textiles, I think clean and refined, which is exactly what this shade accomplishes on the nails.
Electrify (District 5- Power): Although I personally think this polish should have been named “Girl On Fire” due to it’s chunky 3D red and gold glitter, the name does not distract from this fun polish.  Whether you want sparse flecks of sparkle (1 coat) or completely glitter-packed nails (3 coats), Electrify is diverse and multidimensional (pun intended).
Fast Track (District 6- Transportation): Unlike most other neutral colors that simply blend into your skin, this polish’s tiny gold glitter flecks give it an unexpected shine.  The warm beige undertone will work with a variety of skin tones, and the gold dresses up the color making it perfect for a wedding, prom or any other fancy occasion.
Foie Gras (District 10- Livestock): I’m always drawn to taupey/mauvey/muted purple/gray colors, so this is my personal favorite.  If you’re into colors such as Essie’s Merino Cool or OPI’s Metro Chic, this beautiful cream-based polish will absolutely be your cup of tea.
Harvest Moon (District 9- Grain): This polish is what is considered to be a “foil,” simply meaning that the base color and the shimmer are blended together making it appear to have an aluminum foil like finish on the nails.  The strong orange undertones in this copper shade remind me greatly of leaves changing color in the fall. 
Hook and Line (District 4- Fishing): there is nothing particularly glamorous about fishing, but this metallic pewter brings out the natural multidimensional beauty of a fish’s scales.  I noticed, however, that the formulation of this polish makes even application pretty difficult, which is a total bummer. 
Luxe & Lush (District 1- Luxury): UGH I’m totally obsessed with this flakey, duochrome topcoat!  Over some polishes, the flakes appear to be more purple/blue toned, and on others, a firey red/orange.  When you have this on, it’s almost impossible to stop looking at your nails, but let’s be honest; you’ll fit right into District 1.
Mahogany Magic (District 7- Lumber): I can’t decide if I like this color or not.  The yellow-based brown is tough to wear on cool skin tones, and I simply cannot picture lumber when I look at this color.  If they had added slightly more gray tones perhaps this shade would be more universal and appealing. 
Riveting (District 3- Technology): The name of this color fits perfectly because once you apply this to your nails it is just that: riveting! The highly pigmented orangey-red has a jelly-like finish that remains shiny until the minute you take it off.
Stone Cold (District 2- Masonry): The only matte color in this collection, Masonry is a gorgeous graphite color with silver glitter.  Due to the matte finish, this color reminds me of a chalkboard and I cannot get over how awesome it is to have little (figurative) chalkboards on my nails.  If you’re not particularly keen on the matte polish trend, simply paint on a glossy topcoat to transform it into a beautiful shimmery metallic. 
Smoke & Ashes (District 12- Mining): Even though I’m not typically drawn to black nail polishes, I had to have this one (the fact that it is district 12’s color and I may or may not be in love with 2 of district 12’s leading men may have something to do with this).  The finely milled glitter flecks found in Smoke & Ashes are a mixture of blue, green, silver and purple, making this polish resemble the night sky – OBSESSED!


Charlotte Lewis is a sophomore at Seton Hall University studying Journalism and Public Relations. She recently joined the Her Campus Team and is serving as founder and campus correspondent of the new Seton Hall chapter. Charlotte was born and raised in New Jersey, and is always proud of her Jersey girl status. She serves on the editorial board of the Seton Hall undergraduate newspaper as Assistant News Editor. One of her biggest goals in life is to be just like Blair Waldorf. Realistically, she aims to someday be a correspondent for the New York Times or Time Magazine. You can always find her talking to someone, it's a guarantee that her iPhone is on her at all times. In her spare time Charlotte loves going to New York City, listening to all kinds of music, running, shopping, travelling, and watching everything on Bravo and TLC. She loves to give advice and is always up for an adventure.