6 Things That Should Be Invented

6 Things that should be invented: 

1. Pillow that saves your dreams. 

Do you ever have an amazing dream that you wish you could watch over and over? We need a pillow that collects all your dreams, so that you could download them onto your computer and relive them the next day. 

2. Burrito Tape. 

There's nothing worse than eating a burrito and falls apart. Someone needs to invent tape for your burrito that you can eat to avoid the mess. 

3.Windshield wipers for your glasses. 

I hate when it rains and I get little water droplets on my glasses. It'd be nice if there were fashionable windshield wipers to clip onto your glasses. 

4.Breatheable Pillows. 

Another pillow idea! We need breatheable pillows so that you can sleep face down and not suffocate. 

5. Guest mode for phones. 

They have guest modes for computers, so why not phones? If someone needs to use your phone but you don't want them scrolling through all your private information, this would be the perfect solution. 

6. Different types of horns for cars. 

There should be more than one sound for your car, an angry honk, an apology honk, and maybe even a friendly one. No more confusion for why people are honking at you.