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6 Things to Remember To Slay Your First Interview

So you’ve gone to every networking event your school has to offer, handed out hundreds of resumes and finally got that call back for an in-person interview (Yay!).  Now the real work begins. To seal the deal it’s going to take a lot more than flashing those pearly whites and wearing an Olivia Pope-esque suit. But before you break out into a nervous sweat here are six things to remember to slay that interview.

1. Research, research, research!

And did we mention research? Knowing the company your interviewing for inside and out is extremely important. Being able to bring up news on a recent launch the company had or an event they participated in, shows that you follow them and their growth. When talking about yourself, make a connection between your goals and character with company values. The interviewer wants to make sure that they’re picking someone who is a good fit. Research the position to know exactly what they’re looking for, so you can explain how you exceed those requirements.


2. Know your resume like the back of your hand

“So why don’t you walk me through your resume?” 99 times out of a 100 your interviewer is going to ask you this question at the beginning of the interview, and on the off chance it’s not the first question, it’ll be the second. That’s why it’s important to know the key aspects of your resume to talk about. Make sure you emphasize things you’ve done that yielded results and relate them with the experience they are looking for. 

3. Dress to Impress

What may seem like the easiest part can sometimes be the most difficult and that’s finding the perfect outfit.  Of course you want to look as stylish as possible while still being professional, but sometimes finding that line isn’t obvious. You can’t go wrong with black tailored slacks and blazer, but it’s important to research (again) company culture to make sure you fit in. 

4. If you’re on time you’re late, so be early

You don’t want to be running up the stairs or praying the elevator comes faster two minutes before your scheduled interview, so make sure you’re early.  If you’re taking public transportation give yourself plenty of time taking an early train. However if you’re super early, you can always find a Starbucks to sit in and go over your resume. 

Also try to be in the waiting area 10 minutes before your interview.  That way you can catch your breath, or if your interviewer is ready, start the interview early. Try any way you can to make sure you are never late.

5. Ask all the right questions

After being drilled by your interviewer for 10 minutes make sure that you ask them questions. Ask them how your position helps to achieve the company’s goals, what the day to day will be like, or their personal professional history. Asking questions is a great way to show your interviewer that you listened to everything he/she said and still want to know more, because that’s how excited you are about working at the company. Don’t be shy.

6. Follow Up

Like any promising date, you want to make sure that you follow up with your interviewer. Sending an email thanking them for their time and your conversation is the icing on the cake. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and it will help them to remember you when making their final decision.  Sending a personal thank you card is also a good touch.


Crystal Jones is an upstate New York native that skips to her own rhythm. Ms. Jones’s hard work ethic and positive attitude allows her to stand out amongst her competitors. Crystal is currently a senior and will be graduating this upcoming May 2016 from one of New Jersey’s leading institutes, Seton Hall University. She is pursuing a degree in Public Relations and minoring in graphic design. She is extremely passionate about art and the creative process that enables artist to take simple ideas to the next level. Between classes and a part-time job, Crystal is the president of Seton Hall University’s PRSSA chapter, an Adhoc. to Seton Hall’s Student Government Association PR Committee and a blogger for Seton Hall’s Her Campus chapter. Crystal’s dream job is to work of a fashion and production company where she can utilize her creative abilities. Crystal hopes to “inspire underprivileged young men and women to attend college and follow their biggest dreams”.
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