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5 Reasons Slytherin is the Best House

If you’re a Harry Potter nerd, like I am, then you definitely know which house you belong in. Even if you haven’t taken the Pottermore quiz (which you definitely should because J.K. Rowling created it herself), you’ve taken at least one house sorting quiz online. And while all four houses have amazing qualities, the best one by far is Slytherin.

Slytherin is known for being the worst house out of all four houses, with everyone hating on them. Maybe we’ve had some shitty wizards come out of Slytherin, but we’ve also had some really great alumni, and we should be proud of our house. Being in Slytherin doesn’t mean being bad; it means being awesome.

Slytherins are extremely ambitious.

Ambition is one of the key traits to being a Slytherin. They have big dreams and they are willing to chase them and achieve them. They are extremely intelligent and skilled, which their dreams reflect. Slytherins see great things in their future, like being CEO of a company or being active within the government.

Our alumni are pretty damn great!

So yeah, Voldemort is an alum, which is why everyone thinks we’re Death-Eaters-in-training. You have to admit that if he were not such a psychopath, he actually would be on this list. Voldemort has some kick ass skills and is really powerful. Besides him, we have Snape (who was kind of a dick in the beginning but everyone loves him in the end), and Regulus Black (who, let’s be real, was pretty damn cool because 1. He was Sirius’ brother and 2. He died trying to stop Voldemort (not to mention, he also died instead of letting his house elf die). But one alum that is one of the most famous wizards of all time is Merlin. There is also an award named after him, The Order of Merlin, which is pretty fantastic.

We have Draco Malfoy! <3

Maybe at first he was kind of a douche, but he definitely changes towards the end. And let’s be honest… aren’t the hot ones always a little bit of a jerk?

Our Quidditch team is pretty fantastic.

Honestly, our team is brilliant. If it wasn’t for Harry Potter, we would definitely win the Quidditch cup every year. The year before Potter came to Hogwarts we won the Quidditch Cup.

We are willing to bend the rules.

Sometimes rules are just suggestions that are in the way of doing what needs to be done. We are more than willing to twist those rules to our advantage, or find a loophole around them so we get what we want.

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