3 Ways To Bond With Your Roommates

Whether your roommates are strangers or your best friends, it's always great to bond with them and become even better friends than you were before. By bonding with your roommates you get to know them a little more, which leads to a better living experience.

1. Have a game night

There's so many games you can play with your roommates. There's board games like Life, Monoply, and Scrabble. And then card games like Cards Against Humanity, and What Do You Meme. These games help you get to know more about your roommate and what kind of person they are. 

2. Take a trip to the city

Honestly one of the best ways to bond with your roommates is exploring the city together. Sightseeing, window shopping or actual shopping, and checking out museums are all amazing ways to get to know your roommates better. Plus you get to visit the city so that's already perk. 

3. Have a movie night

It may take a while for everyone to agree on which movie but in the end everyone will have fun. Maybe take turns who gets to choose the movie if you're going to have movie nights often.