10 Must Have Stick and Poke Tattoos

Stick and pokes are tattoos that last for only a few years before fading away (so you can have a cute tat without the commitment)! They are done with a sewing needle and non-toxic India Ink, meaning they are typically black in color. If you are in the market for a stick and poke, you must make sure you sterilize all materials before beginning and treat the area afterword’s to prevent any type of infection! Here are some of the cutest stick and poke tattoos found on Pinterest:

  1. 1. Half Sun

  2. 2. Minimalist Wave

  3. 3. Wave

  4. 4. A Little Bit of Space

  5. 5. Mountains

  6. 6. A Tree

  7. 7. A Flower

  8. 8. Venus Symbol ♀

  9. 9. Trio of Trees

  10. 10. A Sun