WCW Kim Possible

We agree, as a team, to suppot strong, independent, and inspirational women by featuring them for our Women Crush Wednesday articles. Disney has created many fantastic female characters that we could have featured for our WCW this week. One in particular--a character we all grew up pretending to be and admired beyond comprehension--surpasses all other Disney stars. Who is she? Kim Possible.

Kim proved to the world that a hero didn’t always have to be a male. Instead, it could be a girl who rocked the black turtleneck and cargo pants when fighting villains. Need more proof, here are 10 reasons why Kim Possible is our #wcw:


1. She depicted a normal teenage girl.


2. She even had a job… for a small time. 

3. I lied. She wasn’t just any normal teenage girl. She was a bad a** chick who fought evil villains.

4. How does she have energy to be a perky cheerleader after a night of fighting crime??

5.You’re lying to yourself if you never said this catch phrase:

6. Red heads everywhere have a dope costume for Halloween! #hairgoals 

7. Just admit you were jealous of all the cool tech Wade hooked her up with.

8. Her pep talks

9. Her #ootd was on point, even when she was fighting Sheego. 

10. We all #shipped Kim and Ron Stoppable before we even knew what #shipping was.


Now get out there and conquer your week like Kim Possible would. Call us, beep us on Facebook for more articles like this one!