Proof that Living in Seattle has turned you into a Socially-Aware Hippie Vampire

Maybe you saw the headline and chuckled at the truth we are about to present; or maybe you wanted to see how far we would stretch our claim that Seattle has turned you into a socially-aware hippy vampire. Either way, you have to admit that Seattle has changed you by it's interesting culture. Here are only a few examples:


1. You own at least one pair of Birkenstocks. Even though it’s usually cold outside, and sure, you can wear socks with them, but your socks WILL get wet. Admit it, you own them because you’ve become a hippie.



2. You’ve been to at least one rally/walk-out/protest. You can’t help but be socially involved living in this city.



3. You find yourself discussing obscure coffee shops sometimes find even yourself cringing at your high-brow attitude towards “basic” coffee shops. It's not like you're an expert at coffee now; calm down. 



4. Every time you go home, you realize how your family and old high school friends have not escaped the grasp of patriarchy. And of course, you enlighten them of their micro-aggressions. Too bad that they would only take you seriously if you had a penis.



5. Taking classes in political theory and philosophy at SU has made you realize that our government (kind of) sucks. Now you have the tools and skills to slay any coversation involving the topic.



6. Some days, you walk out of your room finding yourself to be wearing plaid, dark-rimmed glasses, a dark green jacket, and rain boots. You shiver because you look like such a stereotype. But you still wear a similar outfit the next day.


Or, you wear all black to match the depressing weather. Darkness is your mood today; embrace it. Wear sunglasses even though it's overcast and raining.



7. You’ve begun wearing shirts with political statements on them. Once, my professor offered extra credit for understanding the political joke on her tee. 



8. You’ve seriously contemplated becoming a vegetarian/vegan (or you have become one!)



9. When the sun comes out, you get kind of confused. What is this ball of light? I haven't seen it in so long; should I hide from it? Am I a vampire now? Will I catch on fire?