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My 3 Favorite Insta Artists to Follow for That Mid-Quarter Slump

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Seattle U chapter.

Because tbh we’re all struggling and that’s okay.

So as you all know, I’m not on Instagram now due to my social media cleanse (it’s also going great thanks for asking). But that doesn’t mean I can’t share my favorite accounts to follow! Instagram is a tricky gal to navigate, so having even just one of these beautiful humans in your feed might change your outlook on your day.

I know it might be inevitable to reach for your phone first thing in the morning. If you are in that pool of people–no judgment here. But make sure to follow good, thoughtful accounts (along with your classic meme pages) to put a good start and end to your day–or even just that five-minute break in class when everyone pulls out their phones.

Morgan Harper Nichols @morganharpernichols

If you’ve been scrolling through Pinterest and finding some beautiful, grace-filled words lately that end with MHN, this is the queen behind the art you’ve been pinning! Even though I found Morgan through Pinterest, I immediately started following her on all the platforms that I could find. She has a classic Instagram account with free and accessible wallpapers that feature gorgeous captions to read (she literally posts them on her stories to screenshot and use as backgrounds, I mean what an angel). Morgan prides herself on creating her art through free submissions taken from anyone who shares their story with her through email. Although she keeps the submitters anonymous from the world, she makes sure to personally reply to your own individual emails signing off with “More tomorrow…Sincerely, Morgan Harper Nichols.” Morgan also has her own app called “Storyteller” that has the same style of wallpaper art along with a caption for your day, a youtube channel with her original songs and poetry, AND a podcast! I mean, what else could you ask for in an artist? Go check out her shop at garden24.co for stickers, posters, prints, magnets, and apparel. Fun fact: she decided to name it garden 24 because Morgan believes we are all constantly growing in the 24 hours we have each day. (Amazing, I know right?!)

Cleo Wade @cleowade

I was introduced to this beautiful human being by another beautiful human being (shoutout to my old roommate). She was SHOCKED when I hadn’t heard of her, and immediately made me scroll through Cleo’s Instagram full of beautiful words written in her own handwriting. This self-proclaimed artist, poet, activist, and author shares her gift with the world through words. Cleo has now written two books: Heart Talk (released in 2018) and Where to Begin (released in 2019), and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Although I have yet to read Where to Begin, my fellow writer Ceci wrote a wonderful review you can check out here. If you haven’t heard of this incredible woman, please go follow her. Go see her. Read her work. Because WOW.

Thought Catalog @thoughtcatalog

Alright so I know that this technically isn’t a one-person artist kind of account, but stay with me here fellas because this one is GOOD. I love this account because it takes different pictures and captions from different artists all over Instagram and compiles them. The description of it will make more sense once you’ve taken a look at their page, but get ready for some good bookmarking to be had. They’re actually an online magazine that you can check out at thoughtcatalog.com, and they also publish their own limited-edition books. I personally prefer their Instagram because of the beautiful pictures and inspiring words in the captions. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, lost, or found, go check out some of the wisdom and art on their page.

I know three accounts might seem like a small amount, but quality over quantity, friends! I love sharing these accounts with people to make sure they’re receiving some sort of positive energy in their daily scrolling. Whether you read the whole captions or not, the fact that you’re looking at something good for you and your mind is more than enough. Find more of these accounts, share the good vibes, and I’m personally wishing you the best for the final four weeks of the quarter. We GOT this y’all, let’s just take it day by day.

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