How To: A Long-Distance Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the “day of love” according to popular culture, but there are quite a few reasons to dread this holiday. Other than the obvious reason that someone who’s single is reminded by everyone in the world that they’re not currently involved in romantic love, those of us in long-distance relationships are reminded that we may have romantic love, but we have no one to celebrate Valentine’s Day with. Don’t fret: there are plenty of ways to celebrate your love just like any other couple on the cheesiest day of the year.

If you’re exchanging presents, make sure to order them at least a week in advance. You don’t want your poor partner to be stuck waiting for their Valentine’s Day gift after Valentine’s Day is over. If you drop the ball and wait until two days before the big day to go gift shopping, Amazon Prime is your best friend.

Because you won’t be spending the actual holiday together, turn the week into Valentine’s Days by sending super mushy texts or Facebook messages throughout the week. Try some funny old-fashioned valentines like these:

Whatever you do, don’t accept any invitations to singles-only Valentine’s Day events. You may be physically alone on the holiday itself, but the fact that you have a partner will only make you the much-hated black sheep at an event like this. Let your single friends have this time to hate on the overly affectionate couples displaying their love for each other.

Make a date to Skype on Valentine’s Day itself. One of the great perks of a long-distance relationship is that you can wear sweats on an otherwise formal date, so take advantage and get into your comfiest clothing.

You’ll probably end the night just as sad as if you didn’t have a significant other on such a romantic holiday. Make a cute countdown of the days until you get to see each other again and remember: your love is not measured by what you do on Valentine’s Day.