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Cap Hill’s Value Village Celebrates Last Halloween

The news broke on Saturday October 24th 2015, that after 19 years of creative, environmentally friendly Halloween costumes, and everyday bargain finds, Capitol Hill’s Value Village would be closing for good on November 7th. It has been reported in local news outlets that the land is to be developed by Legacy Commercial. While the future of the building is tentative, the plans must meet the Pike/Pine Conservation District requirements, which were set in order to preserve the neighborhood’s character and historical structures.

In response to this news, many community members and Seattle University students have lamented that gentrification played a large role in Value Village’s closing. What is important to remember regarding this assertion is that as SU students we possess a privilege that has contributed to the change in community dynamics on Capitol Hill. Many of us moved here, and as we become established in the neighborhood, working off campus, living off campus, taking up space, we perpetuate gentrification. So as we mourn the loss of a Capitol Hill institution let us also take ample time to reflect on our positions in the community and examine how our presence as university students affects Seattle community members not affiliated with SU.

SU student leader Maddie Olson created a Facebook Sunday night to celebrate the many times Value Village has provided budget-bound students a toaster, Halloween costume, or furniture piece over the years. Use the hashtag #thankyouvaluevillage or #tyvalvil to tag your photos or posts showcasing your favorite Value Village finds! 

Macklemore tweeted his reaction about the closing of the thrift shop where he filmed is viral music video, Thrift Shop

For more details about #thankyouvaluevillage visit the Facebook Event!

Maddie is a junior at Seattle U, studying psychology and biology. She is an ever-growing social justice warrior, cat-lover, thrift shopper, avid hiker, and amateur cook.
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