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Campus Cutie: Koby Howards

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Seattle U chapter.

HC: Who would play you in the movie version of yourself?

Tim Heidecker, maybe? I have a pretty irregular personality and style of comedy, and the latter of the two I think is probably influenced pretty strongly by his show, Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job. My impulse reaction to this question was Michael Cera, but I’m sure that’s every other dude’s selection too, sooo….

HC: What are three items on your bucket list?

The idea of assembling a concrete list of things to do before I die intimidates me, because I think it at some point morphs into a qualifier for the validity of your life. When I’m at death’s door, I don’t want to think that I somehow failed myself simply because I didn’t check off some items off on a list. I mean, in the interest of not entirely sidestepping the question, I really want to travel to every continent, have a family someday, and feel like I improved the world somehow. I understand that this is a pretty vague and commonplace set of goals, but I like the freedom that generality brings in how I live my life.

HC: Favorite song right now?

Realistically, I’ve been listening to Birthday Song by 2 Chainz an unhealthy amount the last few days. The part of me that doesn’t want you to think of me as a fratty young fratster, however, has been listening to a lot of Wouldn’t it Be Nice by the Beach Boys. I’ve also been listening to Flying Lotus’ album Cosmogramma quite a bit because my buddy and buddette got it for me on vinyl for my birthday. Also because it’s an amazing album and prime study music.

HC: Who is your biggest role model?

I try not to depend too strongly on consciously relying on other people for influence – I think the most sincere interpersonal impressions on me probably just come subconsciously, from my social proximity to the people in my immediate life. I do, however, really look up to Jon Stewart. I think he’s probably the most intelligent, humble, and compassionate television personality that I can think of. Dude’s also really funny. I feel dumb choosing a contemporary comedy television host as my role model, but the love that Jon and I share is far too strong a bond to be overruled.

HC: If you could meet any artist or musician, who would it be?

Definitely El-p from Run the Jewels. El is a veteran in Brooklyn’s hip-hop scene, and the stuff that him and Killer Mike put out with RTJ is amazing. These guys are 39 years old and Run the Jewels 2 (their most recent album) was placed in the top 5 albums of the year by any music publication with half a brain. As if being an incredible lyricist, forward-thinking and precise music producer, and generally cool guy wasn’t enough, El is super intelligent and socially active in all of the best ways. If there’s any musician that I’ll go full-on screaming-1D-fan for, it’s El-p.

HC: Where is your favorite place to visit in Seattle?

I love a lot of places in a Seattle a whole bunch but I always find myself trying to drag friends along with me to Zeitgeist Coffee. Zeitgeist has great, inexpensive coffee, a super chill atmosphere, and awesome homemade lavender shortbread. It’s also located right on the edge of Pioneer Square and the International District, so it’s a pretty good jumping-off point for a day of dank Asian food or adventuring downtown.  

Aspiring journalist. New Haven, CT / Seattle, WA