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Ashley Haong

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Seattle U chapter.

Ashley Haong

Graduation Year: 2018

Major: Forensic science

Hometown: Federal Way, WA

Birthday/Zodiac: 7/20/1996

Campus Involvement: Japanese Student Union, volunteer at Washington Middle School

Ashley’s Art Blog on Tumblr

Who is your celebrity crush and why?

At the moment. Genos from One Punch Man. He really really cares about his Sensei. I really really really like supportive characters that cheer those they love on!

What do you think your patronus would be?

I always think it’s something cool like a wolf, or a crow. But I’ve been told I’m like a sea otter?

What’s a favorite childhood story about yourself?

When I was 10, I took a trip to do charity work in Cambodia with my family. It’s always hot there and even through my shorts and a T-shirt, I was suffering. Also, we were kind of special guests there, so we had body guards with us at all times. At one point we went to a temple where at least a thousand monkeys were running around and dangling from the trees overhead. With me, I had a backpack full of lollipops that I would hand out to the children that we met. As we made our way up, a saw a young girl and boy and promptly opened up my bag and handed them each a tootsie roll lollipop. One of monkeys had spotted what I had done, came over, and started tugging on the girls arm to get her candy.

My mom turned to me and said, “Ashley. why do you give him one?”

So I did, I pulled out an orange lollipop and the Monkey came over to me, snatched it from my hands, ripped off the wrapper, took one lick and smashed it on the ground. He ran up to me and bit my leg. I screamed and the body guards yanked me up and ran down as fast as they could to the van we had come in. After I came back to the States, I had to get rabies shots every month for a year.

What’s your favorite part about living in Seattle?

I like the rain, especially when I’m inside and the rain is not getting me wet at all.

Describe yourself in 5 words:

I am so very fantastic.

What are you doing on an average Saturday night?

I like to draw, so I’m probably doing that while watching some kind of a crime documentary, watching anime, or some TV show like the Walking Dead. I like the background noise. Or, I’m obsessively playing my DS. I really like RPG games and I’m currently playing Fire Emblem and Rune Factory 4. My favorite part is getting all of the characters to fall in love with me! It’s either those two, or, I’m reading manga, which I actually had to ban myself from doing during the school week because I have no self-control and can literally not stop reading.

Fun Fact:

In middle school, we kind of forced nicknames onto ourselves, ones that our friends would call us. I wanted to be “Cheese” because of the character in fosters home for imaginary friends that always screamed “I like cheese!”. I was also on the cheer team at that time and some of my friends were on the year book committee. And, in the yearbook, on the top right corner of the cheer page was a block of cheese.

I'm Skyler. I go to Seattle University in hopes of earning a degree in Creative Writing. I love to discuss and write about LGBTQ politics, fashion, and I spend way too much time scrolling through Tumblr.