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5 Things to Do in Rainy Seattle

As we slowly progress to the winter months, the rain will make its appearance quite often. However, do not let a little downpour ruin your spirits! To prepare you for the rainy days to come, here is a list of fun and adventurous things you can see and do in Seattle:

Take Me to The Art

One of the nicest things to do on a rainy day is go to one of Seattle’s many enriching museums. Go inside, forget about the downpour and throw yourself into the exciting exhibits of art, music, history and so much more.

Our Recommendation: The SAM (Seattle Art Museum) has been one of the finest museums in the Pacific Northwest since 1933. Explore over 19 exhibits, including the newly opened Pop Departures and City Dwellers: Contemporary Art from India.

Website | Location and Hours | Price: Student with ID $12

Sit at a Café

On a rainy Seattle day, what is better than sitting at a cozy café while reading a good book? Absolutely nothing. Luckily, this city has a multitude of beautiful coffee shops to offer the inner coffee enthusiast.

Our Recommendation: Café Vita is a classic place to go on rainy days, especially since it is only a couple blocks away from campus. Specifically, the second floor’s seating area is a personal favorite, especially with its long tables and large windows (and good coffee, of course).  In fact, it was actually included in Huffington Post’s “The 9 Best Places To Have A Cup of Coffee Around The World” article! Are we really surprised?

Website | Location and Hours

Go Vintage/ Thrift Shopping

As we all know, Seattle University is close to so many great vintage shops. Unique finds and great prices—what more can one ask for?

Our Recommendation: Red Light is a store that has the perfect mix of costumes and vintage clothing.  If you like to dig through racks and racks of unique and interesting clothing pieces, then this is the right place for you.


Website | Location and Hours

Go To A Concert

Seattle has an extremely abundant music scene, full of aspiring artists, big names and just about everything in the middle. If you’re tired of staying in your room on a rainy night and want listen to great live music, going to a local concert is always a good alternative. Why not take advantage of the fact that we are surrounded by ongoing concerts and music events?

Our Recommendation: Chop Suey is a great small venue only a couple blocks away from our very own campus. This venue is the perfect place to explore new, rising bands and some underground artists for a very reasonable price.


Website | Location and Hours | Upcoming Shows

Kick Back, and Netflix Away

However, if you are not up for getting out of bed, trust me, that’s okay, too! Netflix is on the rescue! Scroll through endless titles of shows and movies on Netflix and let the marathon begin.

Regardless of what you do in the coming rainy days, we hope you make the best out of it!

Hey, hi, hello! My name is April and contrary to belief, I was not born in April—but that's okay. I enjoy (many) cups of coffee, '80s romcoms, and film photography. I write about things that I care about, so hopefully you find some interest in them as well.
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