16 Feminist Halloween Costumes

It’s already halfway through October and if you are anything like me, you are panicking about what to be for Halloween. If don’t want to be a sexy cat for the third year in a row, try being something else sexy this Halloween: a feminist. Here’s a list of 16 women that’ll make you feel awesome and empowered this Halloween.

1.      Rosie the Riveter


2.      Hillary Clinton



3.      Suffragette


4.      Daenerys Targaryan



5.      Katniss Everdeen


6.      Beyoncé


7.      Kim Possible


8.      Frida Kahlo


9.      Hermione Granger


10.  Leslie Knope and Liz Lemon


11.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg


12.  Lisa Simpson


13.  Wonder Woman


14.  Powerpuff Girls


15.  Tina Belcher


16.  Nicki Minaj