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10 Reasons You Should Join PRSSA

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Seattle U chapter.

Public Relations Student Society of America. Heard of it?

1.     The Tours

Not only are the tours great networking opportunities, but also you get a back-stage pass into some of the most well-known PR firms and companies in the greater Seattle area. You get the chance to experience the field in the same environment the professionals, you may one day be interviewing with, do!

2.     Networking

Never “networked” before? Don’t really know how to act around important people? This reason alone is a good one to explore with PRSSA! Talking to others in a way that makes them remember you in a professional setting is a skill that takes time to develop. Even if you think you have this down solid, I promise you there is always room for improvement! We meet some of the most central people of the companies we visit and at the events we hold. There are only a few chances like this to get your feet wet and start meeting the people you will hopefully encounter again after graduation!

3.     It is not just for Public Relations students!

That is right my friends, I am actually going to go out on a limb here and say that the majority of the members are not PR students! While we are a group that focuses on PR specifically, the meetings are based more on professionalism in general; from how to get an internship, to how to ‘dress for success’ or how to interview. No matter your major or future career goals, these are things everyone should take time to learn and think about! If you are going to take away anything from this is should be that ANYONE can join!

4.     The amazing mentors

I won’t promise Heath Ledger, but as a paid member you can be set up with a successful professional to gain some insight on what it actually means to work in the field. This is also a networking opportunity, who knows, maybe their office has an opening? Be prepared for all of the great life advice!

5.     The people you will meet!

PRSSA opens the door to meeting some awesome people who are interested in the same things as you! It is important to have these bases of friends who can relate to what you are trying to make happen in your future, and just school in general. I mean, you automatically have something in common with them, how convenient is that?!

6.     Our super hot E-board


These awesome possoms have a plethora of knowledge ranging from which classes to take, or how to score a summer internship, to where to find the best coffee around here. They lead by example and are always more than willing to talk anything through with you! Ladies and gents, sometimes the best tools you have are your peers! Side-note: we actually have a good sized group of members, ask around, a lot of your friends may be involved and just not telling you…PEER-PRESSURE!

7.     Learn how to be professional in a stress-free setting

Relax, take a deep breath, just show up to a meeting and you won’t even realize you are learning the tricks of the trade until you’re out conquering the world! We are never short on stress in college, and trying to act professional should not be something to add to your plate.

8.     Learn PR terms and skills without majoring in PR

As previously mentioned, the majority of members are not actually PR majors and the group subsequently takes the time to make sure we are well-versed in PR knowledge should it be the area we hope to go into in the future. This is good information to have in general because marketing and PR really do have aspects that show up everywhere in life and it’s never too late or early to learn!

9.     The alumni network

PRSSA is a national network of chapters. A large number of employers and employees from top companies were once in PRSSA or are still in PRSA! Again, both a wealth of knowledge, support and networking opportunities at your fingertips! You are in PRSSA? Your resume just got a huge boost!

10.  The events


From board game nights to panels to share professional expertise, PRSSA puts on some of the best events for the group and the school as a whole! Never been to one? Check one out for yourself and come to the Ladies in PR Panel, Wed. March 4th!

Do you have any questions about joining, the event coming up or what we do in general? Check out the SU chapter website: http://seattleuprssa.org/wordpress/ and add us on Facebook!


I am a senior at Seattle University, studying both Communications and Spanish. My passions lie in fashion, social justice, writing, and editorial work. I am looking forward to being a Campus Correspondant with Her Campus, and can't wait to create a unique space online with the students of Seattle University.