Why High School Dress Code is Sexist and Unfair

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I remember in middle and high school there was always drama with the school dress code. Girls had their brand-new clothes replaced with gym clothes when deemed inappropriate. I say girls because never, ever, in my pre-college educational experience had I seen a boy get dress-coded. Honestly, even in my less-curvy days, I was never dress coded either. I could walk around my middle school in a tank top and daisy duke shorts without fear. However, my Kardashian-shaped friends would be pulled aside by the yard duties for wearing something as innocent as Lululemon leggings, God forbid they chose to wear what I did.


Public school dress code is flat out sexist and tells young girls, especially those with curves, that a man’s education is more important than their confidence and comfort in what they choose to wear. Even on themed-days when boys wore boxers, cutoff tank tops or other scandalous items, they left school that day in the same items they arrived in. This outdated system needs to change within schools. If a parent lets their daughter out of the house wearing an outfit, who is the school to deem what is inappropriate for that child to wear?