Tough love is really tough.

This is the year to stop watering dead plants. To finally put yourself before others for the sake of your own health. Take a step back and look to see who is reaching out to you during hard times, who is checking up on you, and who is only talking to you when it’s convenient for them because they need a favor. It’s hard to see people in your life walk out but it’s a good wake-up call that really allows you to see people’s true colors.

Surround yourself with people you know you can rely on. Put yourself first because you’re worth it. Losing people you thought would stay in your life forever is tough love, but at some point we are all meant to go through this feeling. Whether it’s a significant other or a best friend, it’s going to happen.

It’s okay to struggle, and it’s alright to let people walk out of your life if they left they weren’t meant to be in it. Don’t be the “always supportive” or “always there for you” type if you feel used or taken advantage of. Everything doesn’t necessarily need to be reciprocated, however it needs to be appreciated and valued. This is a therapeutic message meant for myself, but I’m sharing it now because I feel it can really help other people and give them a wake up call like I needed.

Do things for yourself this month. Take a deep breath, appreciate yourself. Love is tough, but we go through difficult downs in life that teach us a lot. Accept the changes; grow from them. Here’s to you!