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Things to Do by Yourself in San Diego

Some college nights can be lonely, especially on weekends.  I got a single room this year, as a freshman, and I have found some fun, easily accessible without a car, ways to keep myself occupied and still have fun when I am alone.


There are always a lot of things happening on campus!  On Monday nights, there are usually fairly recent movies being shown in the Student Union.  If you are not a movie goer, you can always head down to Aztec Lanes and do a solo game. If these do not suit your interest, there are monitors and an information booth in the Student Union that have information on upcoming events.  

If you are a lover of music, go check out the Cal Coast Theater! Various artists play during the school year from all different genres. One of my favorite memories at SDSU was going to a Hillsong United Concert by myself.  

If you are just having a lazy night and do not want to leave your room, Netflix is your oyster. On Friday nights, it is nice to skip the party once in a while and go by an Aztec Market, pick up your favorite snacks, grab your favorite face mask and watch a movie.

Photo by Sprachcaffe Dusseldorf via Flickr

The Trolley:

If you do not have a car, the trolley is your best friend!  Tickets go for $2.50 one way and $154 for a semester pass. There is a trolley stop right on campus, in between South Campus Plaza and the Student Union. The stop is a part of the green line which can take you to places like the mall and downtown.  When I have afternoons or evenings alone, I will just sit on the trolley, listen to music and get food.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons 

Fashion Valley:

This is one of my favorite places to go when I have some alone time! The Fashion Valley Mall is on the trolley green line and is a quick ride. There is basically any store you can think of at the mall and it’s perfect even just for window shopping.  

My favorite place to go to is the AMC Theater. It is the perfect place to decompress and just relax by yourself in a movie theater. There are a variety of movie times and the theater stays up to date with new movie releases.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons


Now it might seem a little weird to go downtown by yourself, but I promise you it is very relaxing and the only person’s schedule you are on is your own. Downtown is very accessible from campus because you can take the green line all the way and there are several drop off spots. One of my favorite spots is the Ghirardelli Chocolate and Ice Cream Shop!

Photo by Public Domain Pictures

So the next time you have a day or a weekend to yourself take it as some time to explore and give yourself a little love.  

San Diego State 2022 Margot is a communications major at San Diego State University. When she is not in the classroom you can catch Margot watching YouTube, trying out the newest makeup trends, volunteering, and training for triathlons. Margot enjoys writing about health, fitness, and makeup and hopes to provide content that is relatable to all college women.
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