This Summer's Fit: Trendy Work Wear

As many students are applying to summer internships or perhaps post-graduation jobs, finding your style in professional work wear is a must! Rocking a business-professional look and still making it trendy and personal to you can be challenging, but I am here to help! Check out my top 3 picks for your new internship or work wardrobe.


1.) Belted Trousers

These pants are perfect for a working girl on the go! The light flowy material will move with you and feel comfortable while still being cute. Tuck in a fitted cotton or satin top for the best summer fit.



2.) Professional Jumpsuits

Work can have a little play, too! A jumpsuit can be a fun piece to add to your closet when you want to switch things up! I recommend one that sinches at the waist to give you a more flattering fit and shape.



3.) Plaid Slacks and Skirts

It’s no secret that plaid is in! A plaid skirt or pair of slacks can be a great staple item in your business-wear lookbook. Keep the colors neutral for a classic look.


Don’t be afraid to get creative with your professional wardrobe this summer! Style is personal and a great way to show off your personality and who you are. Use these staple items to stay on trend, and then add your own flare! Best of luck to all of our readers this summer in your internships and jobs!