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The Power of Confidence

Confidence is power. People who are not confident are less likely to succeed, due to second-guessing their own ability to do things. Confidence is knowing. It's knowing that no matter what you do, you will not fail. Confidence is believing in yourself and your capabilities. Confidence gives you drive. The drive produced by confidence encourages  you to train harder, longer and better. 


There are several characteristics that confident people possess. Confident people are not afraid to make eye contact. Confident people stay firm to their beliefs and don’t sacrifice their values  for other people. Confidence is also shown in the way people speak . People who lack confidence have excuses, whereas people with confidence have ambition. 


There are four key steps involved in building confidence. The first step is identifying an obstacle. The second step is imagining what your life would look like if the obstacle didn’t exist. Visualization is an important tool for building confidence. Next is to address your perceived obstacle. Lastly, choose to live a life you imagine, and start today.  


The most powerful way to build confidence is to act with the confidence you aspire to have. That means to go out of your comfort zone by speaking up, reaching out and getting rid of self-doubt. CEO Alex Malley states, “The only way to build self-confidence is to take a risk and take action despite your fear of failure, messing up or embarrassment. If things work out, then you now know you can do more than you think. If things don’t work out, you now know that you can handle more than you think. Either way, you’re better off.”