Perry Palleja

Hometown? Murrieta, CA

Year? 1st year graduate student

Major? Post-secondary Education Leadership with a Specialization in Student Affairs

Involvement at SDSU? Too busy as a graduate student. Hard to get involved :(

What are your career goals? 

My career goal is to ultimately find a place that I feel happy in while making an impact on the lives of students. I don't know where exactly that journey will take me, but if I'm shooting for the stars, then I would love to become a Vice President of Student Affairs or a Dean of some sort. 

What is your official job title? What does this job entail? 

Front Desk Security Manager/ Assistant Residence Director. In my job, my primary role is to manage the desk operations of the residence hall. Other aspects of this position include: responding to emergencies, judicial meetings with students, assisting with educational programming, and managing the complex. Additionally, I oversee a desk staff of over 20 students, Resident Advisor/Academic Mentor staff of 20 students, and the Hall Council of the building as well. 

How did this job opportunity come about? 

As a part of our my Master's program, graduate assistantships are highly encouraged in order to give us real life experience outside of the classroom. There was an opening in Housing and Residential Life, so I took the opportunity to interview and received the position. 

How do you manage your time while working and going to school at the same time? 

I spend most of my day going to work in the morning and into the afternoon. Afterward, I usually spend my time on homework assignments or relaxing. It's all about time management and organization. I have everything on my Google Calendar. The most important thing I've learned in graduate is the work-life balance. You HAVE to take time for yourself. Whether that's going to beach, watching an episode of your favorite TV show, or spending time with people you love. It's not good for your health to constantly do work and school so taking time away is important. 

Do you have any tips for students on how to manage their time when working and going to school? 

As I've stated before, time management & organization is key. Everyone does time management differently, so what might work for someone might not work someone else. Before this job, I had never used Google Calendar but had notes on my computer of important dates of exams/tests/homework. Now, I've printed an academic calendar from August-December that has every test & assignment, so I'm not shocked when something is coming up. I placed it on my bedroom wall so that I see it every single day. You will have some sleepless nights, but sleep to me is one of the most important things. It's not only good for your body, but you have to realize that not sleeping for a good amount affects your WHOLE day. Sometimes you're better off sleeping, then trying to cram material that you will most likely end up forgetting the day after. 

What's your favorite thing about SDSU? 

I really love the "vibes" of this campus. It's a pretty good sized campus with a lot of amazing research and students. 

What's a fun fact about yourself? 

I really love Beyoncé & I've been skydiving before. 

Likes and dislikes? 

Likes-Adventures, hiking, beach, skydiving, video games, hanging out with friends, movies, exploring, and hot (white) guys especially. 

Dislikes-Sweets, candy, bad attitudes, racists/sexists/you get the point, mariachi music, snakes, and bad drivers.