Is Netflix's 'The Order' really worth your time?

[This article may contain spoilers!]


Like most young adult women out there, I love suspenseful romantic shows that are both entertaining and get me all up in my feels. You know that I have been watching shows like Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries. So naturally I was super pumped about the show The Order on Netflix. But honestly, I do not think it was worth it and here's why.

It was kind of confusing?

Now I get it is complex and there is a lot going on but there were parts that just didn't make sense. First off, they never really explained what was going on with Jack (Jake Manley) and his family. They acted as if we were already supposed to know. I literally checked at one point if I was missing a backstory and then I realized I wasn't. There were also times that they just threw things in there because I think they thought it would be cool.


The characters weren't super likable.

I just found that I couldn't really connect with a lot of the characters. The only one that I really could connect with was Jack's RA, Randall (Adam DiMarco). I think part of the reason I did connect with him was because he was so fine. But honestly, a lot of the characters were kind of mean and at some point, you can only have so many unlikable characters in one show. You have to have at least one that I am going to like.


It felt like they were trying too hard.

I felt like they were trying too hard to be relatable, so much so that they were. I'm just saying how realistic is it that all of these kids go to college and only one of them has actually gone to a party. They all just sit around and drink mixed drinks (Not the ones with cheap vodka). Especially when they needed to make big decisions, they decided by whoever won beer bong. Really?! I don't know who wrote the show but I feel like they didn't go to college because this was just so unrealistic.


Jack just wasn't that cute.

This was a big thing for me. I don't always watch shows for the hot characters but sometimes I do and Jack was not cutting it. Maybe he just wasn't for me. I just felt that the show could have done better with the hotness level. Like the girls were fire and the boys were okay, not like the level of Gossip Girl or Riverdale though.


At the end of the day, I really don't suggest watching this show. I usually like shows like this but it just felt kind of sad. If you really want to watch a show with suspense, drama and love, I suggest Riverdale. It is also on Netflix and it is easier to watch than The Order. Plus I'm just saying Riverdale’s men, FIRE!