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MODERN LOVE: Falling in Love with This Girl

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SDSU chapter.

If you are on Tik Tok, you most likely have seen the “that girl” trend. Attention-grabbing edits of women who wake up at 5 am, drink a refreshing green smoothie, hit the gym, read an overwhelmingly thick book and lounge around in an Aritzia TNA sweatsuit. I’ll admit, upon first viewing, this lifestyle appeared capable of creating world peace. As most trend-following 19yearold women do, I attempted to fit my lifestyle into this mold.

I quickly learned that trading my morning Starbucks for shake smart and splurging on a pricey workout set just wasn’t satisfying in the way it seemed. The “that girl,” trend in general sets both unrealistic beauty and lifestyle standards. I felt discouraged as I watched videos of women with crystal clear skin and perfectly slicked back olaplex ponytails when  I had to face the annoying reality of acne breakouts and bad hair days. 

All those girls looked perfect–what was I doing wrong?

The answer is simple: forcing yourself to look like someone else’s image is a deeply unsatisfying endeavor. Originality is so cool! I so desperately wanted to be that girl that I was neglecting all the amazing things that make this girl awesome. Health and wellness are important aspects in making good lifestyle choices but balance is key. Some days a rigorous workout, lots of veggies, quality skincare, and loungewear seem to be the best options. But days like that must come paired with wine nights, dinner dates, second-day hair, and your favorite thrifted oversize t-shirt. 

Life is not always going to look aesthetic, and I think that’s one of the most beautiful parts of it. As a collegiate woman, it is normal to have a busy schedule. Your free time should be spent exploring things that make you deeply content. Whether it be reading a book, journaling, working out, or watching New Girl, the healthiest option is to indulge in things that benefit your mental health. So, next time you inevitably feel the need to follow a Tik Tok trend or splurge on whatever product your favorite Instagram influencer is advertising, try not to do it just to fit an aesthetic. Take a moment to consider how it will truly fit into your life and benefit this girl, just how she is.

I am a 3rd year communications major at SDSU, and junior social media director at her campus SDSU chapter. I am minoring in creative writing and love to write poetry and opinion pieces. I am excited to pursue social media management this year through Her Campus as well as write many fun articles for the chapter.