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Jack Garratt Kicks Off American Tour in San Diego

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SDSU chapter.

Jack Garratt will be taking the stage at the House of Blues this Sunday the 18th as his headlining American tour kicks off. Garratt released his debut album Phase, which includes hit songs “Surprise Yourself” and “Worry,” earlier this year. 

“It’s nice to have a routine,” said Garratt about his touring schedule during our phone interview. “I’ve been touring consistently for about two or three years, so I’ve been living on the road and out of suitcase—which is the only bit that’s kind of strange. Traveling with a job is interesting, but what’s forgotten is that I’m lucky enough to do a show.”

Garratt will continue touring for the majority of the year, doing five weeks in America and continuing with four weeks in the UK. However, he admits that his audiences constantly keep him excited to perform.

“Every moment of every show is different,” said Garratt. “I’m interested to see if I’ll be able to exceed my own expectations of my energy levels.” 

Before he broke into the music scene, Garratt was in school to become a teacher. He soon realized that his passion was not there, but in the music he was writing and the shows he was able to perform at the time. 

“Music has always been my biggest passion, and that’s something that is uncontrollable,” said Garratt. “Turning it into my profession was something I never thought would happen because it seemed out of reach and just a dream.” 

“The fun thing about the music I make is that I only ever make what’s been in my head; there’s no other way to do it,” said Garratt. “I blend myself in with a lot of different genres and sounds.”

Phase has been an album in the making for about four years now, with the recording being done in Chicago, London and Los Angeles.

“There are songs on the album that I’ve been performing live since 2012,” said Garratt. “Everything I’ve written since then is every part of myself and my growth from the moment I put my foot in the door of the music world.” 

Many songs off Phase were made on the road in tour buses, while the post-production occurred during September of last year.

“I don’t think it is complete,” Garratt joked of the completion of his album. “It never finishes. I kind of needed a tap on the shoulder, for someone to tell me that it was time to put it out there.”

“I get to play it live, so the record needed to be finished for people to listen, absorb and connect to it,” said Garratt. “It’s my job as an artist to keep the songs alive and glowing. I want people coming to my show, and leaving feeling just as exhausted as I am.”

It’s not too late to buy tickets to Garratt’s first American tour date! The show begins tomorrow at the House of Blues at 7 p.m.


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