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Gym Motivation: How to get your A** off the Couch and to the Gym

Like most people in college, I am incredibly busy. Every week I have to work to fit a million different things into my schedule: school, work, friends, clubs, meetings, etc… the list goes on and on.
 The one thing that I tend to neglect when all these things become overwhelming is my body. I don’t know about you, but after a terrible day, packed  with errands and homework galore, Panda Express and vegging in front of the television sounds like the greatest thing in the world. Unfortunately, thanks to science, and The Biggest Loser, we know that’s about the worst thing one can do to make his/herself feel better.

Surprise, surprise!

So, what can you do to feel better?

Go to the gym.
I barely have time to do so, but unfortunately for me and the rest of the busy veg-monsters out there, it does do wonders. That said, and no matter how good it is for me, I still need motivation to go, as I’m sure plenty of other college girls do too! So I took to researching just what might be the missing link of getting me to go to the gym every day to work up a sweat with a few other hundred people at the ARC, and I learned a few things.
Tumblr: I love tumblr, and I’m legitimately addicted to it, (ironicaltriangles.tumblr.com, check it out!). That being said, I honestly had no idea of the wealth of information being stored within this beautiful hipster-esque blogging site. A wide variety of blogs, called “fitsperation” blogs, are dedicated solely to posting inspiring pictures or quotes about staying fit and healthy. Many different people can post, so the sense of a community of people joining together to help each other in this struggle is incredibly present. Of course, there are a few blogs dedicated almost completely to unhealthy weight loss, but it’s always up to one’s own discretion as to what to read.  I definitely encourage you to check out a few of these blogs, you never know how Google searching “tumblr heath” or “tumblr fitness” could lead you to the healthiest time of your life.
Not TV and Movies: I’ll admit it. I’ve looked at pictures of Kim Kardashian and pledged to workout more. It doesn’t work. While for some, pictures of celebrities and film stars with their smokin’ hot bodies are an incredible motivation to be healthy, not everyone can be inspired with such tactics.  However, the reality is that most of the pictures we see in front of us today aren’t 100% real. Sure, those celebrities look incredible, and obviously their bodies are generally phenomenal, but that doesn’t mean they’re healthy, or that they achieved it in a positive, natural way. Additionally, it’s their job to be healthy and look good, seriously! And it’s your job to be a student and do as well as you can. There are certainly better forms of inspiring yourself to avoid the Vinnie’s line and pick up some healthmex tacos from Rubio’s than reality stars and late-night television actors.
The gym itself: There are so many different types of people milling around the ARC at nearly any given time. Basketball players, weight buffs, kickboxing pros, and running buddies alike are there day and night, along with every other Tom, Dick, or Harry in between. Another all-important motivational tool present at the gym? Trainers! The trainers at the ARC are so friendly and knowledgeable; it really is a shame and a waste not to use them in your road to getting & staying healthy. However, from a strictly motivational point of view, I advise that if you ever have a chance, just take a quick look at the trainers around you. They are so concerned with health and fitness, it is literally their job to encourage people to succeed with it, and seeing someone so dedicated and understanding is inspiring to me. Plus, they obviously all have incredible bodies so if you happen to need a motivational model for that too, I don’t think they’d hate you for admiring their work:)

Hopefully this will give you some ideas concerning at least where to get started. Everyone is different, and everyone finds different things that work for them, but having a starting point is often helpful, especially concerning something so challenging for many people. Stay strong, stay on top of things, remember Panda Express will always leave with a bloated stomach and a feeling of nausea, and get going on that long-a** walk to the ARC.  Avoiding ShakeSmart… until you’re done at least.

Hello! My name is Holly, and I'm currently a sophomore at San Diego State University studying Hospitality and Tourism Management, specializing in events. I may not be studying it but I have a strong passion for journalism, coffee, Harry Potter, yogurtland, Criminal Minds, and all things HerCampus! Hope I can entertain you, and learn from collegiates all over the country!!
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