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Getting Involved on Campus

I have noticed that a lot of people say that they feel disconnected from campus and student life.  I personally feel very connected but it is also because I have asked around and have sent emails and inquired about different clubs and opportunities.  Here are some easy ways to get involved on campus:


  1. Talk to People in Person: Go to the Student Union and visit the San Diego State Student Life and Leadership Office (2nd floor) or go to the AS Office (3rd floor).  There are multiple students and faculty in these offices that can talk to you about your interests and how you might want to get involved.

  2. Join an Associated Student Commission:  Our campus offers multiple commissions that anyone can sit in on and vote on!  Just stop on by a meeting of one you are interested in and then after talk to the advisor, sign some forms, and then you are officially apart of the commission.  Here is a link to all the different commissions! https://as.sdsu.edu/govt/committees/

  3. Go to Club Meetings: There are so many clubs on campus!  Clubs can range from religious organizations, community service, greek life, career oriented and activism. So go check out the clubs offered on your campus!


There are a ton of ways to get involved!  The campus seems so big but it is definitely easy to make a big campus seem smaller with getting involved.


San Diego State 2022 Margot is a communications major at San Diego State University. When she is not in the classroom you can catch Margot watching YouTube, trying out the newest makeup trends, volunteering, and training for triathlons. Margot enjoys writing about health, fitness, and makeup and hopes to provide content that is relatable to all college women.
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