This Fall Fashion Season is Dazzling

The weather shows no signs of cooling down or the fall season that is approaching but fashion has a timeline and it stops for no one. Fall fashion trends are appearing and the top global fashion week trends include everything from sparkles, capes, gothic vibes, punk, houndsouth, leopard, grunge and more according to Tagwalk.


Tagwalk is fashion search engine that allows people to search designers, trends, models and collections. It allows users to be completely up-to-date on the haute couture and ready-to-wear industry. 


Sparkles as a trend encompass garments boasting sequins, glitter, metallic and strass. These materials are a particularly challenging color, embleshimnet and pattern to style; however, this season, many designers took the risk and nailed it on the runway.


Alberta Ferretti

Silver, silver and more silver shines on the runway. Alberta Ferretti is typically known for her lightweight dresses and clothing with a gentle, flowy aesthetic. She also has a dark side in each collection. This collection brought the edge with a sea of silver, shimmering garments. Her iconic white flowing dress is still seen with the trendy touch of silver embellishments down the front of the dress.


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Balenciaga this fall season stayed true to its stylistic codes odd, feminine yet modern silhouettes in designing this collection in combination with adding an essence of sparkling. The dresses glide against the women's frames and shine in the spotlight. Leopard sequins is also featured, linking two fall season trends together with styled bold colored shoes for a third autumn trend. 


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Christian Cowan

The inspiration behind Cowan’s designs come from an entertainment background. Pieces have an almost costume-esque and theatrical style to them which was displayed on the runway for this fall season.  Garments were covered in sequins of all sizes and in an assortment of blocking panels and draping.


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This collection Gucci’s pieces were full of color and exotic designs, but the one thing they all have in common is a metallic hue. The runway showcases articles that shimmer as they cascade down the runway. In addition to the shimmer, Gucci is following the trends of bold colors, grunge and masculine tailoring. 


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Louis Vuitton 

Louis Vuitton took advantage of embellishments like strass pieces overtop particle garments. Other pieces have silver colors as a front runner while others are very detailed with sequin in varying sizes. The brand displays its strong sense of imagination to the runway in this collection. 


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Zadig & Voltaire

Sparkles were more subtle in this particular collection of womenswear, but in no way were they lacking. Pinstripes of silver glitter runs vertically down many pieces. In addition, normally basics in a collection such as undershirts shine when they hit the light, adding to the overall sparking theme.


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