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The start of a new semester can be an overwhelming and confusing time. Trying to figure out what classes to take, where your classes are, and what clubs to join may seem like too much, make you want to quit, or just stick to things you’re comfortable with. However, this is the perfect time to be curious and find new passions. An animal that I think captures this spirit is a dolphin. 

Dolphins are one of the most curious creatures in the world; they are constantly looking for new adventures. Another wonderful thing about them is their extremely adaptable nature. There are 36 species of dolphins that occupy almost every aquatic environment, including some freshwater ones! During this time of huge changes and new situations, it may be hard to handle everything going on, but we need to channel the go-with-the-flow attitude of dolphins. Accepting these new environments that we’re facing will turn every new experience into a fun adventure. 

Another important thing to remember is to slow down and enjoy the present moment. Dolphins are great at this. They usually swim pretty slow, around 2 miles per hour. They are great at taking their time and not worrying too much about where they are going, instead focusing on the adventure at hand. This is so crucial while you’re trying to adjust to the new semester. Don’t stress too much about what’s going to happen at the end of the semester, just focus on enjoying this new experience. This doesn’t mean that dolphins, or you, are lazy. Dolphins are also fantastic sprinters. They can swim up to 30 miles per hour for shorter periods of time! They are great at determining when it is time to use their energy and when to save it. This is an amazing skill to have and one we should try to learn this semester. The beginning of the semester is the best time to get involved, find new activities, and enjoy every minute as it passes. 

Another admirable personality trait that dolphins have is that they are very chatty animals. In fact, they have one of the most intricate vocal abilities in the animal world. The perfect time to channel this dolphin energy is in your new environment. Reach out to new people and try to make new friends in your classes to get the ball rolling! Starting little conversations before class or introducing yourself to people sitting next to you can be the start of amazing new friendships or an opportunity to find study buddies for the semester. Even if nothing comes from it, it’s always good to try to take a step out of your comfort zone and do something new. 

This is going to be an exciting semester filled with so many new experiences and adventures, but we all need to embrace the changes in order to make the most of every opportunity. Living like a dolphin is a great way to do this. Adapt to new environments, enjoy the moment, and step out of your comfort zone this semester. I can’t wait to see what the next few months hold and I hope you all enjoy it as much as a dolphin would!

I am a freshman at San Diego State Univeristy. My major is English with a focus on sing subject teaching in the hopes of becoming a high school teacher. I love to read and recently discovered a love for writing too. I’m very excited to be a writer this year for Her Campus.