Black is Beautiful Because...


“Regardless of mockery we dim our shine for no one. Our hair grows skyward and the sun never fails to kiss our skin.” -Oksana Barhatkov, second year SDSU Diamond, International Security and Conflict Resolution and Russian double major

“It is perseverance, strength, and resilience." -Phebe Boye, second year SDSU Diamond, Psychology major

“Our spice! No individual is the same, but what unites us is our culture and common struggles. Everywhere we come across we leave a little spicy touch.” -Rajane Deviugt, second year SDSU Diamond, Psychology major

“In a community where African American women are a minority it is really great to have a team where the girls can go and feel comfortable and uplift each other. This team has built up self-confidence among the girls. They walk and talk differently. All women need to know they are beautiful, their skin is beautiful, and they have talent. Show it off because you got it all.” -Isianna Burgess, fourth year SDSU Diamond Captain, Public Health major