The Binge-Worthy Podcast You Should Be Listening To

In my recent endeavor to start listening to more podcasts, I stumbled across “Crime Junkie.” It is the perfect, true crime themed podcast hosted by Ashley Flowers accompanied by her producer and long-time friend Brit Prawat. As a fan of all things mystery and crime, I often spend my pastime watching shows, documentaries and reading articles based on real cases both solved and unsolved. This podcast has everything I was looking for and more.


“Crime Junkie” is a weekly podcast that focuses on a variety of stories ranging from small, local cases to crimes that received national attention and even touch on the subject of serial killers. “Crime Junkie” was also named one of the “Best True Crime Podcasts of 2018” by Rolling Stone, and for good reason too.  While gruesome and heartbreaking, Flowers tackles real life tragedies that occur and talks about the families that are usually left behind trying to piece the events together. More often that not, many cases become cold cases and listeners are left to speculate.

Photo courtesy of  @Ash_Flowers via Twitter


What I enjoy most about this podcast is that the episodes are well thought out and it is apparent the cases have been heavily researched. Listeners are provided tons of background information and are even given visual aids to go along with the story. Videos, images, articles and other related content are posted for convenience on their blog allowing listeners to follow along with host Ashley and producer Brit as they unpack the evidence.


Typically, a big deal-breaker for me when I am looking for a podcast is if the hosts’ simply aren’t enticing enough or just plain annoying. However, Ashley and Brit have great chemistry. Their ability to effortlessly communicate with one another make them super relatable co-hosts that you never get tired of listening to. Ashley lays down all the facts with enthusiasm and Brit asks all the right questions with just the perfect amount of empathy and emotion. The pair make you feel as if you are hanging out with your closest friends.


A new episode is released every Monday and all shows can be found on the official Crime Junkie website. The episodes are also accessible on Spotify and Apple Podcast. If you are like me and in need of a mystery or crime story fix, this podcast will be perfect for you. There are currently more than 70 episodes that are up and available for you to catch up on and start binging today!