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ASTROLOGY: Study Tips According to Your Zodiac Sign

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SDSU chapter.

As we get ready to close out the semester, there is one thing clouding our minds from visions of sunny beaches and strawberry ice cream cones: finals. However, looking to the stars can help us understand what study tips will be most valuable for us. 

To determine which tips will help make finals the least stressful for you, look for the tip under your Sun sign (if you only know one of your signs, it’s this one) and your Mercury sign. If you don’t know your Mercury sign, you can use this handy calculator from Cafe Astrology: https://cafeastrology.com/whats-my-mercury-sign.html

Mercury rules the brain, so it will dictate how you intake and interact with information, some of the biggest stressors surrounding studying!

Aries: Aries feeds off competition, so people with Aries placements will likely benefit from turning studying into games. Quizlet has a lot of options for this type of exercise. Try to time yourself and see how fast you can type in the answers to questions. If group studying is more your thing, you can get together with friends and quiz each other. Don’t worry about needing to know everything; getting stuff wrong will help you remember it in the long run!

Taurus: Taurus values comfort above all else. For Taurus, find somewhere you will be comfortable. You may be tempted to take a nap in bed, so instead, find a nice place that will not set you into “relax” mode but will still keep you comfy; a pond, couch in the library, or even a bean bag! Taurus also loves food, so give yourself a snack to eat or a cup of coffee beforehand. This way, you will not be tempted to end your study session early to give into your indulgences.

Gemini: As the twins, Gemini may find it beneficial to play both roles in studying. Flashcards with the answer on one side and the question on the other can help Gemini coach themselves during a study session. Additionally, Gemini’s extraversion can be fed into by asking a friend to quiz them. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini tends to be a phenomenal communicator. You may find you understand material better when trying to explain it to someone else.

Cancer: Cancer is known for their intuition and connection to emotion. Lean into these sides of yourself, and watch YouTube videos of various people explaining the topics you’re studying. Sometimes, watching and listening to people talk about what they are passionate about will make you passionate about it too, especially given Cancer’s empathy. 

Leo: You’ve probably heard the stereotype that there is nothing Leo loves more than the sound of their own voice. It may not be true in every circumstance (or ever), but now you can use your natural talent of performance to your full advantage. Record yourself reading your notes aloud – try not to read them monotonously. Then, while you are doing everyday tasks (working out, doing the laundry, journaling, etc.) listen to the recording. You will remember it more the more times you hear it.

Virgo: Above all else, Virgo is known for their organizational skills. Although it is a stereotype and certainly not correct for all Virgos, organizing everything could help you find the information you are looking for. You may consider making a checklist of all the topics you need to know and what you need to study to master them. Virgos work best when they are able to focus, and being able to locate information will help you focus on understanding and memorizing. Similarly to Leo, you can try writing out the information you are having trouble with over and over. Writing it down will get it into your muscle memory and into your brain!

Libra: Represented by the scales, Libra flourishes when there is balance. For studying, it may be a balance between work and free time. Try taking a 15-minute break for every 45 minutes of studying you do. You will remember information better if you do not devote all of your time to it. Libra is also an inquisitive sign. Asking yourself questions about the material and then working to find the answer will help you understand it better and get more invested in it!

Scorpio: Ruled by Mars, Scorpio is known for creativity. You might find it beneficial to find what type of music helps you study. Often, this is not the music you listen to on the daily. You might try listening to classical music or a genre you are not familiar with. Not only will you ace your finals, but you might just find your new favorite artist! You could also try turning your concepts in drawings or comics to make sure you know how to convey it in a way that makes sense to you rather than regurgitating the way it was handed to you.

Sagittarius: With Jupiter’s love for exploration, Sagittarius is a fast mover. For you, it might be easiest to make sure you have the ability to study wherever you go. Try putting flash cards up around the house in various locations that you have to answer before you walk by them. With the amount that you move around, you will know the material like the back of your hand – or rather, the back of your bedroom door.

Capricorn: Capricorn thrives in positions of responsibility. To give yourself extra incentive to work hard, consider leading a study group. If you feel the pressure to know the information to help everyone else out, you will know it twice as well once you lead a study group. You could even make videos of yourself going over material to act as if you are in a position to impart your newly gained knowledge on others!

Aquarius: Ruled by the planet of originality, Uranus, Aquarius succeeds when they can put their own spin on things. For Aquarius, this may come in the form of creatively writing about the material, creating songs to remind you of certain terms and definitions, or making jokes about the things you are having trouble remembering. Aquarius also looks at the past vs. the present and revolution; you may understand material better if you can apply it to yourself and how you will utilize it in the future, even if it does not seem relevant to your goals. 

Pisces: Pisces emphasizes the beauty of calmness; you probably do your best studying by yourself. As they love comfort and creating, you may find it useful to go over material while doing something you find enjoyment in, like baking, doing a puzzle, or coloring. If you get the material in your head while in a state of peace, you will be more likely to recall it in the stress of the exam.

Remember, everyone is different and if these tips don’t work for you it’s okay!! Keep trying to find what works for you and do your best; that’s all that matters. Good luck with finals and breathe knowing that they will be over shortly and then it’s time for summer!



Stephanie is a first year theatre performance major at SDSU. She has a love for all things feminism, performance, and writing.