7 Signs You Are A Fangirl

1. You follow them on every social media platform. Every fangirl knows that they easiest way to keep updated on all your favorite bands/celebs is to follow them on social media. You know you can sit there for hours just looking at pictures of them and seeing when they will come to your hometown next. Then when they don't tweet for days, you wonder how in the world you'll stay updated on their lives. 

2. You have their merch. Whether it’s a shirt or a song or a poster or a book, you have it. You feel the need to support them in every way so when they ask you to buy their next cd or book, you don’t hesitate. 

3. You have attended multiple shows or have never missed an episode/movie they have been in. You believe that you need to ALWAYS be there and support them no matter what. If you miss an episode or don’t go to their concert when it’s within driving distance, then they will somehow know. You can’t risk them thinking that you’re no longer a fan!

4. You do whatever you can to get noticed. When you are a fangirl, you try you feel like you deserve recognition for being the dedicated fan that you are. Some tweet at their favorite bands/celebs. Some scream at the top of their lungs whenever their favorites are near. Some constantly direct message them. Don’t worry, your time will come and you will get recognized for your dedication.

5. You follow a fan account dedicated to them or at least one fan account follows you. There is a fan account for just about everything out there and you have stumbled across them once or twice while internet stalking your favorite band or celebrity. A true fangirl is recognized by these fan accounts or is following a fan account. Where else would you get all your information on them?!?

6. You defend them when ANYONE says anything remotely bad. Others may try to convince you that it’s all in your head, but you do whatever you can to stick up for your idols. They should never be insulted and if they are, then you are there to stick up for them. You have their backs, even if they aren’t aware of it. 

7. You try to convince other people that they are as awesome as you think they are. Some people just don’t understand! They don’t get that your favorite band or celebrity is AMAZING and that their music just speaks to you or that their show gives you a new outlook on life. One day they’ll jump on that train and you’ll be the one to say “I told you they were awesome!”