5 Tips on Managing School and Work

Going to school is hard enough and sometimes you have to work on top of that. With school comes stress and with work comes limited time. Put the two together and you could be headed for a breakdown if you don’t know how to manage both. Although working and going to school is not easy, it is not impossible. Here are five tips to help make your life easier when going to school and working at the same time. 

1. Try to Get A Job On Campus

On-campus jobs tend to be more beneficial than jobs off-campus. Jobs off campus tend to call you in more often because they see you as a worker rather than a student. On-campus jobs allow you to work with students going through the same daily struggles as you. I have learned that an on-campus job is more likely to work around your school schedule compared to off-campus jobs. You may even be able to get a discount at the bookstore depending on where you work on-campus!


2. Get A Planner

It is very important to write down everything. When working and going to school it is easy to forget when you have a test or when you have work. You should have a planner so that you are able to write down your work schedule as well as your school schedule. A planner enables you to keep track of both aspects of your life. 


3. Give Yourself At Least One Day Off

Everyone needs at least one day out of the week where they are able to relax. If you do not give yourself at least one day away from school and work, then you will end up stressing yourself out. Time should be set aside each week for you to hang out with friends or just lay on the couch and watch Netflix.

4. Make Sure You Have Time For Schoolwork

Remember that school always comes first. Ultimately you are in college to gain an education and obtain a career after you graduate. You must give 100 percent on your homework if you expect to get good grades. If you have to call in sick in order to study for a big exam that you have the next day, then so be it!


5. Remember Money Is Not Everything

There may come a time where your work schedule gets in the way of your schoolwork, but you love seeing a five digit number in your bank account. However, you have to remember that money isn't everything and that there will always be more jobs in the future. You can never lose sight of why you went to school in the first place. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the money for your education.