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Try Out TrintMe

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCU chapter.

We’ve all been there—stuck in a friendship that we wish could become something more. Instead of resorting to alcohol and saying one of the 19 Things You Should Never Say Drunk, a new social app called TrintMe is here to the rescue. By enabling users to set their true intentions for friends (hence the name “TrintMe”) the app eliminates the awkwardness of sharing our feelings and the potential embarrassment of rejection and/or drunken confessions.

TrintMe works by connecting users with their Facebook friends and friends of friends, via the website trintme.com. After you sign in with your Facebook login and username, you can select an intention for each of your friends. Options such as “you’re cool” or “get coffee” are available, along with other more exciting intentions such as “hook-up” or “romance.” These Trints (true intentions) are set for 30 days, and are only revealed when both parties set the same intention for each other. So, if it turns out that you and your crush both want to hook up, you know what to do… TrintMe can also give you information about your most likeable friends and sororities in your network, which can be helpful and also entertaining…(let’s be honest who doesn’t like a popularity contest?)

The founder of TrintMe, VS Joshi, is an alumnus of Babson College. Years after graduation, a college crush of his had asked him why he had never asked her out. He had always wanted to, however past experiences of rejection never allowed him to muster up the courage to ask. In order to never have this happen again, Joshi created TrintMe to allow friends to express their true intentions for one another.

It is stories like these—of undeclared love—that make us cringe and cry in romantic movies, and make us vow to make bold gestures of love. Yet the latter is much easier said than done, and the tormenting question of “what if?” will inevitably always linger in our minds about a missed opportunity. Therefore, for the sake of Santa Clara’s romantic sanity, GET TRINTING!!

And even if you have a significant other, or using technology to facilitate a hook up isn’t your thing, TrintMe can at least help you solidify some friendships. Just think about all the possible coffee dates at Mission Bakery you could have!

Basically, if you like friendship, love, and honesty, TrintMe is for you. Try it out.